Saturday, March 12, 2005


I'm supposedly back on the Jeremiah-God-sexual violence paper again, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to get motivated to work on a paper on the second day of spring break. I really do want to get some good work done on it over break, and I really would prefer not to bring my computer to the hospital with me, but not doing work is so enjoyable...

Admittedly, this is hardly a surprise. One of the pluses to my original plan for spring break was that I'd get several days off with friends before* buckling back down to look at a paper again. I'm not in the least surprised that I feel ready for a couple of days off at the end of the term - that's why we get a break between terms. On the other hand, my plans have shifted; my days away from the suite will be Tues-Sun, not Fri-Weds, and I need to deal with it and do my work.

I have* read a 440 pages of a 600 page tome in the last twenty-four hours... but that doesn't really count as productivity, since it was the March Power Issue of Vogue.

Maybe if I give myself till tomorrow, I'll be more motivated...

*I was planning to italicize this, but oddly, Netscape isn't displaying those buttons. Any of them. This is unwelcome - the entire reason I use Netscape is because it displays more of those buttons than Safari does. Harumph.

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