Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The staff of Rush has informed me that I only need to be in for 2-3 days for the video EEG, not 3-5!!!

So right now, my understanding is that I will go in on Tuesday the 15th and be released sometime on Thursday or Friday. As soon as I can get them to pin that down for sure, I'll start putting together a visiting schedule, but let me know what days are good for you if you want to come play. I know there are a couple of people who have requested early in the week... as far as I'm concerned, we can have as many people in there as will fit. I don't know, though, if Rush will be as lenient as Evanston. Both places claim you can only have 2 visitors at once, but we know that Evanston doesn't mean it. I'm hoping Rush doesn't either, as long as their patients are safe and happy.

Ok, I do actually want to pay attention to this class. We're talking about icons. Icons make me happy.

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