Tuesday, March 01, 2005

spring break: downtown

So originally I was planning to spend spring break split between visiting St Louis and rewriting my "what shall we do with a predatory deity?" paper. But today I had my appointment with the epilepsy expert at Rush, and now I'm not going to St Louis.

It turns out that what needs to happen now, in order for him to make a diagnosis, is a video extendeed EEG. What's that, you ask? That means that I pack a suitcase and a bag of books and things and spend my spring break at Rush, with wires glued to my head and a video camera pointed at me for 3-5 days, so they can monitor my brain activity continuously. The hope is that I'll do something interesting, like pass out, while this is happening, but this doctor claims that even if I don't, five days of brain activity will give him enough information for a diagnosis. Here's hoping.

So if you're going to be around Chicago and you feel like coming down/up to Rush for a couple hours sometime that week, let me know. I'm assuming, though I don't have checkin information yet, that they'll have me come in on Monday and leave Friday or before. Since I actually get to plan for this one, I'm hoping to make up some sort of schedule. (People who are on Thursday or Friday may or may not actually have to show up, depending on how interesting I am and when they release me, though I'll certainly be more than willing to do lunch/coffee/movie/whatever with anyone willing to come to Rush if I end up not being there then.) I won't need the same level of attention as I do when I don't know what's going to happen to me next, but a week will still be much more pleasant with a few visitors. :)

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