Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sorry, Frank - Susie and Andrew pointed out today that I missed Judges and Method, which is edited by Gale Yee.

Add one to the total of books coauthored by women.

(Thanks for the thoughtful comments, y'all - I will respond more fully when I'm not quite so exhausted. Keep them coming.)

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Susie said...

I'll comment on the addendum.

First of all: go beth go!

Second, I find it interesting how much this accoutn changes from year to year. I think that for our class, systematics was still the winner. Now that was a bit of a controversial class - we had an adjunct, who I thought was really fabulous, but some other people really didn't. But, I thought the syllabus was genius. We had not one but TWO requried books by women, and four by men - one of those men was James Cone (black liberation theology). The prof avoided the whole "primary text" issue Frank is talking about very well: each day was a different theological topic (Trinity, Sin, etc) and we would read the chapter in each of our main books - one Anglican, one more Reformed/Prot, and one feminist. We spent a week on preaching and theology - and read several sermons from Fleming Rutledge, and then spent a week with James Cone to get an idea of a single systematic work - the other three books were more like essay collections and less integrated. The amount of time we had for the course was way too short so too many of the topics got too little attention - but it was the best layout for actual representation of women and people of color that I had in any class at Seabury.