Sunday, August 14, 2005

nine on-calls: check!

Last night, I had my last on-call shift at LGH. A friend told me at one point, "God won't let you get through CPE without doing what you need to do there" - and for several people, that's meant that their last on-call is the time when they get that call they've dreaded all summer - the dead baby, the gunshot wound, the organ donation, whatever.

Last night, I wrote a page and a half of my final self-evaluation, watched an episode of West Wing, and got six hours of sleep. Oh, and I took a valuables envelope from ER to security, and began expiration paperwork and called the son to let him know his mom had died (she was in hospice and it was expected). I had two pages all night - both at the same exact time, so that one ended up not needing me by the time I got there.

Apparently, what I needed to get out of last night was sleep. I left the hospital this morning, went to church, went home and wrote the rest of my eval, went to church again, and just finished the last peer evaluation. I did not take a nap - sure, I'm a little tired on only six hours, but I did not have to come home and collapse.

It was a great night. Cross your fingers that the next five days will follow suit.

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