Sunday, August 21, 2005

a very long day

Yesterday felt like a very long day. And by yesterday, I mean Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

Thursday I went in for my last day of CPE, but left early to come back and see Susie and Si. I got home late-ish, then Friday got up and did a couple of Practical Things before heading downtown to hang out at the Art Institute, have dinner with friends, and see Tripp's show. I realized around 10 as Jeff and I were leaving for the show that I was going to have to take the L home alone at 1 am afterward, so Trish and Tripp were gracious enough to give me lodging overnight. I got back to Evanston in time to change and brush my teeth before heading back to Andersonville for a bridal shower, then went to Home Depot on the way back and helped Hope and Andrew paint the Canterbury office until about 11:30. When I got home at about midnight, it felt like I'd been gone since Thursday morning.

60 hours is a very long day indeed.

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