Sunday, August 28, 2005

family, history, family history...

I'm enjoying my vacation, as you can tell from the lack of posts. This morning, though, I wanted to be in Evanston.

See, if I'd been in Evanston, I would have gotten a good sermon and Eucharist. At my home parish,* I got a Lesser Feasts & Fasts history lesson (with a plea for more deaf priests attached at the end) and morning prayer. Eucharist and good preaching... daily office and history. Eucharist and good preaching... yeah. I've got nothing against either the daily office or history - they're just not what I'm looking for in my main Sunday worship service.

On the other hand, our rector did a lovely brief service for transferring my grandfather's ashes from the unmarked columbarium behind the main altar to the new columbarium in the back of the chapel, where he and my grandmother will eventually share their double niche, with their names on the front. And, you know, I like my parish.

Besides, my New Orleans family has reported in - they've migrated to northern Mississippi, just outside Memphis. They'll still be wet, but they'll be safe and wet. And really, that matters a lot more than what kind of church service I got this morning. Right now I'm praying for those that are still in town - and praying that the dome holds up.

*I'd give you a link here, but my home parish currently has such an abysmal website that I don't dare. It's been utterly useless for a while now, and is just starting to turn around. At least we've stopped the false advertising (we used to have lots of useful-looking dead links).


Jennifer said...

Sometimes there is good preaching but it can be hit or miss too (especially in the rotation). I've often been very impressed with Alan+ though. He preached a great sermon back in March on the seed that have no roots, etc.

Glad to hear about your New Orleans family, though, that is good news!

I don't know if you're as much of a fan of Aladdin's as I am, but I miss it a lot now that I'm gone. Let me know if you get to eat there while you're home.

Lorna said...

sometimes it's good to go to a 'miss' service, if only to appreciate what we have back home.

praying for the storm still - and praising God that He is in control even of the storms

Beth said...

Jen - One of the things I've always valued about St Paul's is the overall quality of preaching. I was hoping to get to hear one of the regular clergy/staff, but that's ok.

I love Aladdin's, and one of the things I love about Seabury is that we have Aladdin's in Evanston too! That said, I've also eaten twice at the Middleburg Aladdin's since I've been home. It's such a great place for veggies and non-veggies to eat together!

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous! It seems like an enormous cosmic oversight that liberal east coast place with tons of students and hip people lacks a place as good as Aladdin's for lebanese. *lament*

Good to know! Also somewhat sad that they don't know who I am, but I was ever a 9 o'clock person, so it's probably not too surprising either. When are you leaving?

Jeff said...

I do not quite understand the link between liberal and lebanese. Alas, I shall try bot to lose any sleep on it.

There is a magic line you cross once you start learning and training to lead worship services. On the other side of that line things look differently. When you do not know . . . you enjoy the ride. When you do know, you would rather drive (even if it is from the backseat).

Jennifer said...

liberal in the broad-minded, open to diversity sense, not the political meaning. I would never expect lebanese in my small Southern hometown, for instance, but in a place with lots of in-migration from the US and abroad, more openness to other cultures, it seemed more likely.

sorry for the confusing word choice!