Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Actually, I think it's colder in here..."

There's something utterly ridiculous about sitting huddled by the space heater when it's still almost 60 degrees outside. Gotta love the stone buildings - ovens in summer, freezers in winter.

(But you get bonus points if you recognize the movie reference in the title of this post.)


Jeff said...

The fact that I am failing to come up with the reference is bothering me. Hope nobody beats me to it.
Here is the survey I promise. Waiting with baited breath for the response and hopefull a blog on Stephen D.

G. Brooke said...

It's been bothering me, too, since I am an inveterate movie-quoter. Maybe Beth will have mercy.

I remember the cinderblock palace very well, by the way. There's that one day every summer when the humidity makes all the picture frames, hung with sticky-tack, fall to the floor and shatter. Then the cats play with the broken glass until you get home.