Monday, October 17, 2005

The most exciting day ever

Well, the morning wasn't so exciting (sorry, worship committee). But then:

~Several people informed me that Tripp was in the library and I should go find him. I did, and I got to have lunch with him. Hurray!

~Pippa and I played several rousing hands of Nerts. If that doesn't sound exciting to you, you clearly don't know the wonder that is Nerts.

~At choir, not only did I hold my own on most things as the only alto, but I discovered on another piece that I have my A back. I haven't sung an A well in several years, and today it came easily. Seriously, that might not have happened in ten years or more.

~After choir, I discovered that I had a package at the front desk. I remember now that my parents had said "oh, the last part of your birthday is coming late." But the package was a surprise.

~The package contained three books I've been wanting a lot:

Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle: This is my new favorite book of hers and it will be nice to own it now.

Confessions by St. Augustine: Some of you may remember that I tried to read this earlier this summer and had to give up on the language in that translation. This translation comes highly recommended and I'm really excited to try again.

AND.... Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - IN ANCIENT GREEK!!! I am thrilled with this one (as those who saw me in the hall this evening can attest). I will exercise the greatest of self-discipline, however, and make myself continue translating Galatians instead right now. I'm pretty sure that I'll get a severe look if I say that Galatians 2:1 reads "Harry Potter was a remarkable boy" on Wednesday.

Also it turns out that we're going to do some wilderness hiking/sight seeing our last day in Wyoming, in areas that tourists don't usually find. I am getting very excited about our trip - have to remember to get my hiking boots repadded tomorrow.

Hurray for exciting days!!!


Raisin said...

Really, you ought to go with the Harry Potter translation on Wednesday. It would be the most fun Greek lesson ever.

Tripp said...


Potter. Nice.

And I am honored to be on the list.