Saturday, October 29, 2005

Beth, Beth, and Derrick Go To Wyoming

... but do not write a children's book about it.

Seriously, all three of us are now safely in Lander. And I, as you can see, have managed internet access. This makes me very happy. (Actually, both those things make me very happy.)

Wyoming is beautiful. This does not surprise me - I have never known Wyoming not to be beautiful. I've also never been here in the fall, nor to this part of Wyoming, so it's nice that my expectations weren't disappointed. Beth, Beth, and Derrick are borrowing a house for the two weeks we're here and the back windows look out over mountains and prairie. (Yes, I know I just talked about myself in the third person again. I'm amused by the sound of "Beth, Beth, and Derrick" right now... sort of like "Duck, Duck, Goose." Anyway.) It's lovely.

Very soon, Beth and Derrick will join me at our non-home-host's house, and we will meet the Bishop of All Wyoming for conversation and dinner here. After dinner we will go to Trinity Episcopal Church, Lander, to meet a couple of local priests and local deacons. (That's "local" in the sense of "locally ordained," not just "who happen to be in this particular place.")

Tomorrow, we head to Evanston, Wyoming, where there will be a 70% chance of snow. That's after we cross the mountain pass to get to Evanston. And yes, it's a long way to go just to end up in Evanston. :)

Yes, we're already/still tired (especially Derrick, who got up at 4 AM EDT to fly out here, where that was 2 AM). But I'm very glad we're beginning to be busy now, and are likely to remain so for a week or so.

'Tis nearly 4 PM now, and the bishop and Beth and Derrick should be here momentarily, so I'll close this chapter (of the children's book that Beth, Beth, and Derrick aren't writing). Thanks for your prayers, and keep them coming.


Emily said...

What a fabulous part of the country you're in. David grew up not too far (in Western terms) from Evanston in Logan, UT.

I met the Missouri Plungers at School for Ministry yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You go! Have fun! Plunge always provides great adventures.