Sunday, October 30, 2005

Beth, Beth, and Derrick Go To A Potluck

And are thoroughly exhausted afterward.

The Evanston congregation is very, very different from the Lander congregation - not just in terms of personality, but in terms of the way they work out this mutual ministry thing. The Evanston version is not quite as tight an operation as I think I'd expected after seeing the Lander one.

Tomorrow, we meet with the ministry developer for this region, and then with the local deacon for this parish. I'm looking forward to asking the MD some questions that it seemed wiser to save just for him. One thing I'm learning about MDs, though, is that they like to talk a lot. I'll be interested to see if that's true of all of them when I meet the rest later this week.

I'm terrifically excited that there is no time change in the next 24 hours. I might start to figure out what time my body thinks it is.

It seems unlikely that I'll have wifi access tomorrow, and it's hard to tell after that. In upcoming chapters, Beth, Beth, and Derrick return to Lander, checking out a nominee for "best milkshake in Wyoming" on the way; go to an ordination anniversary party, meet with Wyoming's ministry developers for two days, and potentially go to a sweat, which I'm now being told will be a four hour endeavor rather than a 45 minute one. More when I can.


Ryan said...

you're in Lander?! I was in Lander!

Beth said...

We went to the Sinks today before our meeting, and as I was looking at the rock display, I thought, "I wonder if Ryan was in Lander." Hurray!

Ryan said...

The sinks rock display!? I took notes on that display! If you had continued further into the canyon, you could have seen the place where I stayed!

Beth said...

we might still be doing that! we have a couple days next week to hike.