Saturday, October 22, 2005


Jane is a priest!

It was a lovely service, and now Jane is a priest! Did I mention that yet? (During and right after the service, once Jane had been properly priestified, Hope and I kept looking at each other and whispering "She's a priest! She's all priesty!" Pippa gave us the same look she gives me when I talk about Care Bears.) Yay.

After the service, we had a lovely reception and house party with the gang. Then Hope, Andrew, Joelene, Pippa, and I came slowly back to Evanston, by way of the Michigan City Outlets. We didn't by a long shot hit all the good stores, but we hit most of the ones where it was logical to consider spending money. I came away with some socks, a pair of jeans, a new wallet, and a Christmas present from my parents which I don't know I bought today and will not see when I take it back at Thanksgiving for them to give me at Christmas. ;) (No, I have no problems with instant gratification. And between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I could easily forget about the present.)

Eventually we found some pizza and soda and drove back to Evanston. At least, I assume we drove back - about all I stayed awake for was pulling out of the parking lot, stopping for a bathroom break, and pulling up on Haven. And now, having blogged, I shall resume my sleeping. (As Pippa pointed out, I didn't do enough of that last night and ought to do better tonight. Pippa is very astute.)

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Jane Ellen+ said...

I can just hear the two of you, and see the look on Pippa's face. Priceless!