Tuesday, November 02, 2004

First things first...

Yes, I'm alive. Yes, I'm back at Seabury. No, they couldn't tell me what's going on.

Now: I started this Sunday and got a phone call in the middle of it, and I'm probably going to have to stop and use the edit function to come back to this, but I like these things and I want to do it, even if I'm not on LJ. Marisa's LJ has tempted me.

13 random things you like
1. not being in the hospital
2. visitors
3. phone calls, usually
4. pink
5. potatoes
6. well, the Indigo Girls, obviously
7. classes (don't hit me, please)
8. good children's movies
9. friends
10. red wine
11. books
12. sleep
13. dance

12 movies (just 12 random good ones, from what I gather)
1. Kissing Jessica Stein
2. Muppet Christmas Carol
3. Now & Then
4. Mary Poppins
5. Sleeping Beauty
6. Sound of Music
7. Dead Poet's Society
8. Hook
9. Lion King
10. Miracle on 34th Street
11. Boys on the Side
12. Backbeat

11 good bands or singers (first 11 that come to mind)
1. Indigo Girls (duh)
2. Catie Curtis
3. U2 (go ahead, Mike, be proud)
4. Dar Williams
5. Beatles
6. Sarah McLachlan
7. Simon & Garfunkel
8. Peter, Paul & Mary
9. Guster (ok, R&R, your turn)
10. Tracy Chapman
11. BNL

10 things about you... physically (odd, but ok)
1. short
2. superflexible ankles
3. long thumbnails (just for you, Ryan)
4. blue eyes
5. my hips pop a lot (another one for you, Ryan)
6. nose stud
7. three holes in my ears (not counting the ones I hear out of)
8. really tiny toenails
9. large rib cage
10. tight shoulders

9 great books
1. A Swiftly Tilting Planet (representing the entire corpus of Madeleine L'Engle's work)
2. Little Women - L.M. Alcott
3. Iconostasis - Pavel Florensky
4. Old Turtle - I have no idea who wrote this... I'm sure my mother knows
5. Lord of the Rings (i refuse to count this as more than one)
6. Narnia series (ditto Lord of the Rings)
7. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
8. Cry, the Beloved Country - Alan Paton (did I get that right?)
9. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson

8 favorite drinks
1. water
2. tea
3. champagne
4. red wine
5. beer
6. ginger ale
7. Dr. Pepper
8. starbucks' caramel macchiato

7 things you wear daily - except I think that's a dumb category, and I'm changing it... um... let's do... 7 places you love
1. my camp
2. New England
3. London
4. Isle of Skye
5. Scottish Highlands in general
6. St Louis (as long as I'm not driving)
7. St David's, Wales

6 things that annoy you (another useless category, but we'll go with it)
1. being in the hospital
2. people who don't use their turn signal but expect you to know they're turning
3. taking a party line on an issue without thinking it through
4. bad vegetarian food
5. no vegetarian food
6. stupidity (my own as well as others')

5 things you touch every day
1. a computer
2. the sink
3. the scarf on my dresser that keeps slipping into my top drawer
4. my baby blanket
5. my rings

4 shows you watch (assuming there's no rules about how often...only West Wing gets any regularity)
1. West Wing
2. What Not to Wear
3. Today Show
4. Trading Spaces

3 celebrities you have a crush on (wow, that's tough)
1. Keira Knightley
2. Julia Roberts
3. Viggo Mortenson, but only, only as Aragorn

2 people on LJ you have kissed
ok, I honestly can't think of a one, even peck-wise... neither can I think of any blogger users I've kissed. sorry. I'm utterly boring. If I've kissed you on the head or something and forgotten, please let me know.

1 letter you like (again, odd, but ok)
1. L

ok, now I really need to go attack that rust...

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