Saturday, November 20, 2004

various and sundry

1. Emily: if you haven't already gathered from the picture on AKMA's blog, I was (happily) an Augustinian.

2. I am slowly getting used to my blog circles overlapping. The purple area is steadily getting bigger... today a St Louis friend was pointing out things to me on a Seabury blog; yesterday a Seabury friend asked me if I'd seen the rant on an Ohio blog... I appreciate that my various friends take a passing interest in each other, however, even if it puzzles me slightly.

3. We beat the school up north today. For those of you who are Seabury bloggers rather than good Ohio stock, that's the Ohio State-Michigan game, not the Lavabo Bowl. I really ought to be more excited than this, especially considering the odds of this happening this year, but I'm just kind of generally pleased with it. Oh well.

4. My iTunes apparently likes "Laramie" a lot. It plays it on random roughly twice as often as the average song. My theory is that my brother has put a spell on it (he's auditioning for, and will almost certainly soon be cast in, Laramie Project).

5. I've been pondering today how someone who insists as strongly as I do on the life value of her 24 years can find so very little to write about them in a "reasonably full account" of her life. Also why on earth anyone would create an application that asks for a reasonably full account of someone's life and not give a recommended length.

6. I've been a Girl Scout for a really long time now. I had a moment of panic that I was going to hit 20 years in less than a year, but no, it's only been about 18 1/2. This still feels like a really long time for me to be able to say I've been involved in some particular organization of my own accord.

I think that's it for now. Tomorrow I get to finish off my reasonably full account. Woot.

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