Thursday, November 25, 2004

Guess what I'm wearing?

I think I've just discovered my superpower: fitting into old clothes. My parents indulged me by sending up the kilt and sash we bought me at Busch Gardens (VA) when I was ten, so I could see whether perchance I might still fit into either of them for the Kirkin o' the Tartans on Tuesday. As it turns out, I've been randomly selected to be the server on Tuesday (something I've never done, but that's a different story), so it's a moot point - which is too bad, because I'm sitting here right now in the very same kilt and sash. I was expecting that the sash might be ok still but the kilt was probably out of the question, considering that at age 10 I was only slightly shorter and at least 30 pounds lighter. But no - in fact, the kilt fits slightly better than the sash, which is, ahem, a little tighter than it was fourteen years ago. Regardless, the fact that I'm sitting here right now in a kilt which I bought at age ten - and after Thanksgiving dinner, at that - delights me incredibly.

In fact, I'm generally delighted right now. If I were an LJ user, somewhere on this page it would tell you "mood: delighted" - but I don't like LJ. In any case, I have had a delightful day, going over to watch the "Macy Day" parade, as Hope and Audrey call it, and cook stuffed pumpkins with Hope and Andrew and Audrey, and then going over to Charlie and Christina's, which was unexpectedly delightful. I'd never met Charlie and Christina and I discovered as we were arriving that there were to be about twice as many people there as I'd expected, something that generally unnerves me, at least with strangers. However, Charlie and Christina were great, things were very relaxed, the unexpected people turned out to include Tripp, who I had met, and Trish, who I hadn't but was happy to (as well as Laura and Chris, who I didn't know about but turned out to be fun folks too). Overall, I had a fantastic time, including getting to talk church history and other stuff with Tripp (even around here, there are few people with whom I can at a moment's notice discuss the ways in which Chrysostom is and is not a psycho).

I also came to the realization that I've been getting into a habit that should probably stop - namely, unplugging my heart monitor, albeit briefly, at various points. I've fallen into the habit, apparently, of unplugging it and putting it down when I'm changing clothes or doing other brief tasks that render the monitor unwieldy, and then plugging it back in and going on. Today I was doing this after dinner, and since I was feeling rather unsteady at the time, actually realized that perhaps this wasn't the brightest idea I'd ever had, and that if I were to pass out on my way back to the living room (something that felt entirely possible at the time), the recording would not in fact have a good three minute scan from before the button was pressed. So I will dutifully return to leaving it plugged in at all times (except when wearing it would cause electrical shock), even if it's inconvenient. And no, I did not actually pass out tonight. I gracefully paid no attention to the conversation for a good while and just sat, and then returned to normal conversation skills a bit later. Hurray for remaining conscious!

And to return to the delight, I have a package to continue opening, one that contains all my Christmas cards/decorations/etc. - including an Advent present from my parents, which I have not yet opened. I'm ignoring the fact that on November 25, I'm opening a present with Christmas paper - though actually, I guess it's just polar bears and snowflakes, so that's ok.

Here's hoping everyone reading this had as lovely a Thanksgiving as I did!

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