Sunday, November 28, 2004

Once more, without feeling

Trinity College, Cambridge has a lovely choir. But someone needs to tell them that Christmas is a season of joy. Joy implies not singing things like "In dulci jubilo" like funeral marches. They make pretty sounds, but I'm glad "Joy to the World" is not on this cd.
On the topic of music gone wrong, I'd like to take this moment to assert that some songs should not be made into dance remixes. "Tubthumping" is one. "The First Nowell" is indubitably another.

I'm wondering where my roommate is. I know she got to the airport... and her bedroom door is open and the note is gone off of it, so I'm assuming she's been back... but it's 9:30 and she's not here. Hmm. I realized today that I've missed my roommate more than I suspected this week. This is unfortunate, since she leaves for good in two weeks. Boo.
However, I got an email today from my new roommate, who is exactly the person I was hoping for. We met during orientation week and got along really well, and she's an old friend of Jane's, which will be nice, even though most of next term Jane won't be around. I think she's going to be in for a bit of a shock at how small our common room is, however, based on her questions about furniture.

On a totally random note, I think my rubber bands are aging. I took one out today to bind up my Ambrose pages (since there's way too many of them for a big pinchy clip thing), and they seem to be losing their snap.

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