Sunday, November 07, 2004

Internet! Huzzah!

Yes, it's true... I'm actually blogging from my common room. How has this happened, you ask? Yesterday, I went ahead and bought an iBook. It's glorious. This should mark my return to AIM shortly as well.

I clicked through to the "What Religion Are You?" quiz on Nicole's blog. First of all, it should be called "What form of Christianity, Satanism, or atheism are you, from a very slanted basis?" Really, a quiz titled "What Religion Are You?" should have options like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. And the author needs to learn that whom is never used in the nominative. Options like "God whom created heaven and earth" just shouldn't exist.
That said, their other mistake was in giving the choice "something that hasn't been mentioned here" for nearly every question. Give me that option, and most of the time I'll take it rather than try to squeeze into the narrow options presented. As a result, the quiz couldn't classify me. I'm ok with that, especially on a quiz that fails to give any Trinitarian option for "who is God?" but is trying to tell you what kind of Christian you are. I'm curious to know what answer they considered the "true Christian" answer for any of those - whatever they were, I didn't pick any of them. I'm apparently 1 part fundamentalist, 2 parts holy roller, 1 part average Christian, and 6 parts WTF, mate? (no, that's not their category)

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