Saturday, February 12, 2005

Note to Self

I should really have a conversation with my parents soon, before I start dating someone again (ok, I suppose I don't know how long that will give me, but let's be optimistic and stick with soon), about what is and is not appropriate parental behavior during wedding planning. That is, I trust my parents not to be weird and controlling... but I also thought they'd be more ok with it when I came out, so I only really trust them a certain amount. Yeah.

And this is why I don't give my parents my blog address. This among other reasons.

N.B. Ryan tells me she's been telling my parents for years that the proper role of the parents is to set the bride on fire, so I don't have to worry. However, they have not yet settled on a means of setting the bride on fire, so I think the conversation is still worth having.

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