Thursday, February 03, 2005


is a game, an action, a sound, a "crushed or crowded mass," a British soda, a tendril-bearing plant with edible fruit, or such fruit, which makes a lovely side dish, especially if you enjoy the taste.

It is not an entree.

Despite this, this week at Seabury the vegetarian dinner offerings have been:
Zucchini & yellow squash mix
Something that looked like tomato juice with celery and onion, served over rice
Stuffed shells with alfredo sauce
Half a yellow squash with lemon butter

Seeing a pattern here? Twice this week, the vegetarian entree has been squash.

Now, it's unfortunate but admittedly not the kitchen's fault that I don't happen to like squash (the veggie sandwich at lunch yesterday was also a grilled squash sandwich, by the way). However, it is the kitchen's fault (ok, the cooks' fault) that all they're feeding me is squash. I realize I won't always like the veggie option. I don't hold it against them when they serve eggplant, and I even eat their stuffed zucchini with some pleasure, since it includes things like tofu and cheese and rice in the stuffing. I get irritable when they serve plain rubbery tofu blocks, but that's life in a dorm. Serving steamed vegetables as an "entree," however, when everyone else is eating meatloaf and lemon chicken and salmon, is not an acceptable way to feed us - even if it is just Hope and me.

I'll stop ranting now, and start looking for some dinner around here.

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