Monday, February 14, 2005

this is getting weird...

So we're at the point now in my Use of the Voice class where we're done learning to point collects and sing suffrages - a good thing, since class members have begun officiating evensong and matins. This means, however, that we're now learning to point things like Gospels and Eucharistic Prayers. This is a Very Weird Thing. I'm so not supposed to be singing Gospels and Eucharistic Prayers. Certainly not yet, and it still feels kind of weird to be training to sing them at all. At age 8 or 9, when it was all still play, I would gladly have made up my own tones and practiced them with dolls or something, except that I'd never heard these things sung until high school or college. But learning to sing them now is just weird. Not entirely comfortable getting up and singing a Gospel in front of people today - not because I don't want to sing in front of my class, I've gotten over that - but because I'm Not Supposed To Do That.

(For those who aren't churchy people... umm... wait... right, so for Marisa and Kiery... these things are only supposed to be done by ordained clergy. Which I'm not.)

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