Monday, April 25, 2005

get out of my head...

So when my ex and I were still dating, she would drive me nuts by calling everything she didn't like binary and continually telling me to break the binary. It was cute at first, until things like my insisting that the alarm had to be set for earlier than class started became "binary". Last year, I lived with Ryan, and therefore thought about the binary not at all after/between breaking up with her.

It's been very strange, therefore, to find myself (yes, find myself) objecting this year that things are too binary. I'm pretty sure I first noticed that I was doing this in Gospel Mission, though maybe not. It could very easily have been Early Church. Anyway, I'm apparently now at the point where I had to speak very sternly to myself and explain that I may only use the phrase "binary opposition" once, or at most twice (intro and conclusion?) in my 3-5 page paper on God's omnipotence, our ability to affect God, and the logic of intercessory prayer. Oy.

Yeah, she'd be proud (if she were speaking to me... but that's another post. Or maybe not.)

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