Tuesday, April 19, 2005


We interrupt this New Testament research for an important service announcement:


So last Sunday, Seabury had a pizza dinner for prospectives, with yummy ice cream. In helping eat the leftover ice cream, I discovered that Swiss Miss makes Premium Fudge Bars, which are delicious and taste more like Jell-O Pudding Pops than anything I've had since they stoppped making them. So I told Rory, because she too has missed Pudding Pops greatly.

AND THEN: Ryan IM'ed me today to tell me that they went looking for the Swiss Miss bars and found Pudding Pops instead!!! She also gave me links, including a store locator which tells me they sell them at the Green Bay Dominick's. This makes me all the more excited for my grocery date Friday with Davies. I refuse to allow the fact that my freezer is about six square inches to faze me - I will figure out how to make this work.

Rory and Ryan are the best.

We now return to our regularly scheduled research.

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