Saturday, April 16, 2005

Si and Hope are terrible people

Well, ok. Terrible, wonderful, marvelous people. Si wrote a lovely post in honor of Jane's ordination yesterday. It was so lovely that I called across the hall to Hope that she should read it. Hope's response was something along the lines of "ohhh... we can't let him leave either!"

Now, on two hours of sleep last night (plus an hour this afternoon), a reminder that Jane and Si and a lot of other really great people are going to be leaving soon was enough to bring me to tears. (This is why Si and Hope are terrible - crying was not in my plans for today.) I'm very grateful that Hope is not graduating and that therefore Andrew will also be around next year, and I appreciate that Jane has the decency to stay in a reasonable distance next year. I'm steadfastly refusing to acknowledge that the following year all three of them and Heather will likely be much much farther away.

Someday, in addition to aspiring to an apartment with a kitchen, I aspire to live in some sort of circumstances that don't involve major parts of my social circle moving away every spring.

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