Saturday, April 09, 2005

gotta quatta?

While my parents were here, we were remarking that we hadn't seen any new state quarters in a good long while - in fact, none of us could remember seeing any for 2004, let alone 2005. Well, today I went down and requisitioned quarters from the bank, at the insistence of my mountain of laundry. Lo and behold, in the two rolls I got, I discovered Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin from 2004 (maybe one more) and California from 2005. Admittedly I stopped paying close attention a long time ago, but all of those were new to me. Kind of cool to see so many new ones at once.

My father's got collections running for my brother and me, so if anyone is actively collecting and needs one of these more recent ones, lemme know. Quarters are of course equal to gold, so I'd like a different quarter in return, but I'm perfectly willing to trade. The washing machines are utterly indifferent.

Also, I think there should be a natural law against invisible bruises. It always feels really wimpy to complain about a bruise when you can't even show off its six different colors, yet I usually find that my most painful bruises (like the one on my leg from practice this morning) don't show themselves very well. Maybe that's a matter of how internal a bruise is, or something - I don't know nearly enough about anatomy for that. But if it's going to get any mileage out of hurting me, I want to be able to back that up with evidence.

That was originally related to the laundry discussion - dragging laundry down to the basement was harder than usual because I didn't want to keep banging even clothes against my shin - but I guess I missed the transition part. Oops. Well, time to stop whining and go back to work.

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