Friday, December 17, 2004

Afternoon lessons

~A single stocking should not be longer than the leg it's meant to cover.

~Leaving a rubber band in your hair for three years is a bad idea, even if your hair is synthetic. The rubber band will break down, and your hair will still remember that shape when you take the ponytail out.

~Waistband elastics, on the other hand, seem to last anywhere from five to fifteen years before they're shot all to hell.

~Green ribbons cannot just get up and walk away. This doesn't mean they can be found.

~If you have a lot of long hair, it's best to turn your head around backwards when changing your dress.

Yes, it's that time again - I'm changing my American Girl dolls and getting them ready for Christmas. However, because I only do this at best once a season, it's a little dusty back in that trunk, so I'm taking a break to share what I've learned in the last hour.

Hmm. I just realized that I've had my Samantha doll for fifteen years this Christmas. That's a long time. It would also put quite an age gap between Samantha and Kit, who's only been around for three - if all seven of them weren't eternally nine or ten years old.

On the other hand, as necessary as getting seven (miniature and very well behaved) girls ready for Christmas may seem to me, I should probably also empty the dishwasher before my parents come home.

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