Wednesday, December 15, 2004

to pierce or not to pierce?

Hurray for Rory, who brings me homemade cinnamon nut rolls and tea while I sit on the couch reading blogs! I have such marvelous friends.

I've retaken the Dante's Inferno test (which I would link to but Netscape won't let me right now, so if you want it, click on Totoro-Ryan's link), because I couldn't remember some of my results, and I was dubious about others. In fact, I managed to raise my Gluttony score. I'm ok with this, not because I think gluttony is a good thing, but because I couldn't figure out how I was low in gluttony before. I'm now moderate, which is more logical. I'm still inexplicably high on Violent, but I've raised my Purgatory score to Extreme, which is nice, and I'm still low to very low on the others. I'd let you look for yourselves, but again, Netscape's being silly.

I've had a lovely and uneventful couple of days, spending much of it on the silent retreat. The retreat was, as usual, lovely, quiet, productive, and relaxing. I've readjusted to being in St Louis, and it feels like home again. This is of course extremely helpful, since I leave for Cleveland tomorrow.

Must decide today whether to get my nose repierced while I'm here, leave it out for good, or allow my father to get his hopes up and then argue with him about how I'm going to repierce it when I get back to Evanston. I think we'll walk down to Iron Age and ask about prices... I'm frustrated with myself because I forgot to bring my nose ring with me, so I'll have to buy a new one if I want it repierced before I get back to Evanston. I'd like to try a hoop, partly because they're supposed to heal faster, but I'm pretty sure part of the reason I've gotten this far with the nose ring is that it's always been a fairly unobtrusive stud, and I'm not sure about showing up to be a chalice bearer/returning seminarian for the main Christmas Eve service having replaced my little nose stud with a more obvious hoop. Must also find out how much it will cost me - pretty sure it'll be cheaper here than in Evanston.

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