Thursday, December 16, 2004

jiggety jig?

I have safely arrived at my parents' house... and it feels less like home than ever. I joked earlier with Rory that I knew I'd become an adult when I was packing for Christmas this year and found it worth my while to pay to do laundry at school so I wouldn't have to bring it home to do it for free, but there's something to it. For one thing, this is the first year that I've really found myself tripping over questions about "are you going home for Christmas?" and heard myself telling people I'm going to my parents' for Christmas. I've been here less than an hour, and while it's lovely to see my parents, and I'm sure the next two weeks will be wonderful, I'm ready to go back to Evanston and my own space. And I miss my friends in St Louis. I hate not knowing where home is.

I've also discovered that sometime in the last couple of weeks, someone decided that a heart monitor should be shipped here. So tomorrow I get to make phone calls and try to find out who made such a silly decision and what I need to do to undo it in such a fashion that I won't be charged for someone else's ineptitude. Because I definitely, definitely never told anyone to do that.

Anyway, the point of this was really just to announce my safe arrival in Cleveland... whatever that means.

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