Tuesday, December 07, 2004

a woot!

I'm not quite there yet, but I'm really close to being done... close enough to enjoy the rest of my work. I have the second half of one reflection paper still to write - a paper which is partly about ECM, which is fun. I do love talking about all the impossible and marvelous things about ECM - and I don't half mind my site visit church, so that's not so bad either. Then Thursday I have a church history final, which being church history is also fun to study for. I should qualify that. I have a church history final, which being early church history is fun to study for. (There was a lot of material in my 1000-1700 class in college that I didn't give two hoots about.) And I have to print a church history paper, but that doesn't count. Other than that, I'm done with this quarter - and as much as I've loved my classes this quarter, there's been enough of a crunch to the last month's work that I will actually be relieved to have things simply done.

There's something not quite right, though, about being excited to be done with my classwork partly because then I'll have time to do things like read books I didn't get to finish for my classes this quarter. (Don't worry, I don't care that much about all of the reading that didn't happen - but some of it is just darn interesting. And valuable.) I'm not used to my Christmas reading list being books from the last term - in college it was always "woohoo! I get to read fiction!" Well, and spiritually-oriented Christian texts that I didn't get to read in my Purely Academic And Unbiased Religious Studies Classes - so I guess that's not all that different. The upside to this discovery is that I'm likely in the right place if I get this into my class reading.

I'm also getting very excited about heading to St Louis this weekend. Haven't quite figured out how I'm getting to the train station Saturday morning, but I'll figure something out. I can't wait to see all my wonderful St Louis friends!

Oh, and on the list of exciting things for this week, I have no more heart monitor! That's extremely exciting. No more stickers, no more wires, no more box on my hip that detaches itself from its clip when I sit down. And drugs that might even stop me from fainting. Here's hoping!

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