Thursday, December 23, 2004

Do you hear what I hear?

That's the flapping of my wings. No, I'm still no angel - apparently I've become a social butterfly. In a city where I still talk to a grand total of one of the high school friends who've stayed local, I've managed to book myself for five (going for six or seven) social engagements in these two weeks, family Christmas things obviously not included.

I've just come back from a great evening of dinner and drinks with Frog and Why?, two marvelous friends from - you guessed it - Girl Scout camp (where else do you make friends with such odd names?). It was especially great to see Why? since she lives in Florida most of the year and I can't go back to camp this summer. It was hard to tell her that tonight, and to listen to the two of them make plans for the summer. I'm going to miss camp lots and lots. However, it's heartwarming to know that I will at least be at core camp in effigy, seated at the ghost seat at the dining table - and that when I come home at the end of the day ready to hear about something other than who died on whose watch that day, I can call in and hear who thought they were going to be eaten by the reeds near the pond drain or who slipped and slid all the way down the rope trail in front of their girls instead.

Just occurred to me that I forgot to ask Why? how to make a potato lamp - but never fear, I SHALL find out again.

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