Wednesday, December 08, 2004

planes, trains, and automobiles...

Huzzah! Thanks to Katy and Emily and Wes (and maybe Andrew?), I now have ways to get from various residences to train stations and airports, and from train stations and airports to various residences over the next few weeks. It's going to be marvelous to see everyone in St Louis, and probably in Cleveland too, though that's not quite as exciting, and very odd to be gone from Seabury for three weeks.

Having nearly finished my Gospel Mission paper, I've set that aside until after my Early Church final is over tomorrow. If anyone knows more about Phrygia than I've been able to find, please fill me in before 1 pm tomorrow. Other than that, I seem to be reasonably well prepared, if the practice quizzes can be trusted - just how well prepared I am, I'll know better by 3 pm tomorrow.

I now have an insurance card to replace the one that will expire on Friday. My father originally said he would send it sometime this week, at which I had to plead that it be here before Friday. When he said "sometime this week", I had a fleeting mental image of AKMA driving my car while they're babysitting it, getting pulled over for something silly like a tail light going out, and trying to explain to a police officer why an Illinois driver was driving a car registered to an Ohio resident who was at the time in St Louis, whose insurance on the car was expired, all while wearing clericals. My father agreed that that would be a bad scene, and has duly caused the current card to appear in my mailbox today. Tomorrow it needs to make its way to the car itself.

And tomorrow by this time, I should be done with my academic work. I do have class Friday morning, but I can handle going to class, especially with a guest lecturer who will not expect us to have done copious amounts of reading beforehand.

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