Monday, January 23, 2006

Coronation bling-bling?

In order not to be working on my disputatio just yet, I was playing with iTunes' beta of "Just for You" - a feature I've enjoyed mightily on Netflix and Amazon, and now on iTunes too. In my list of recommended songs, I noticed "K.17 'Coronation'" - a Mozart mass I sang in high school. I scrolled right, because I was curious how much an entire mass would cost, even as one track - still just $.99, but it turns out this was just the Agnus Dei, part of a Christmas CD. Anyway, "genre" caught my eye - because, as I read it, they had Mozart classed as hip-hop!

Of course, they didn't really; they had a Black-Eyed Peas song listed as hip-hop on the next line, and the Agnus Dei listed as holiday. But it sure turned me upside down for a second.

If playing with iTunes is this dangerous (ok, it's dangerous other ways too), maybe I'd better go edit our opening statement after all.

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