Monday, January 09, 2006

I should have learned to spot

When I was dancing, I was never much good at turns, because I was never much good at spotting, so I got dizzier than I should have. Right now, I'm remembering that I should have learned to spot - this week is making me dizzy:

~I'm co-MCing Boar's Head. I'm also co-proprietor of Ye Olde Costume Shoppe, and a cantor.

~I'm subbing for winter quarter as coordinator of both Seabury and Western style services. Wednesday, the day before Boar's Head, is the first Western style (read: high church) service of the quarter.

~Since somehow we're having a crisis of liturgical participation, I'm doing a lot liturgically this week: canting an evensong and Boar's Head, LEMing once, intercessing once, officiating at a service I'd never done before, sac'ing once (at the aforementioned Western service).

~Oh. Right. There's also those pesky, marvelous, time-consuming things called classes. Those are back in session, which means both class time and homework.

I think I'm also supposed to eat, sleep, and breathe this week, though I'm not sure. It's all great stuff, really great, but if we keep the Seabury and Western services next year, I'm recommending we not have a Western service the day before Boar's Head. Even if they're radically different in style, they're both complicated, and they both require many people to participate in them - a challenge even if next year the S/W coordinator is smart enough not to double as Boar's Head MC.

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