Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Five: Winter Reading

1.If you received books as holiday presents, how many and what were they?
Let me see... Julia sent me an autographed copy of Texts of Terror (Trible); my grandmother gave me the New International Greek Testament Commentary volume on Mark; my parents gave me Engaging Scripture (Fowl) and America's Women (Collins); my aunt and uncle gave me The Ordering of Love (L'Engle). I guess that's a total of five books.

2. Did you buy any for yourself, and if so what are the titles?
Well, I bought a copy of Apostle of the Crucified Lord (Gorman) in the same batch as a few Christmas presents, but that was for class.

3.Have you read any of them yet? What's next on your list?
I've started the Gorman, since class has been in session for three weeks. I keep meaning to open Ordering of Love, since it's poetry and easier to pick up and put down, but I haven't yet.

4. Do you have a favorite place to read a new book? And does the weather have an impact on that choice?
Mostly I read on the loveseat, right under the good lamp. In radiator-winter, under a throw; in radiator-summer, without the throw. I imagine when there's more daylight I'll probably go back to reading more in the recliner, because who knows when I'll have a recliner after I leave here.

5. Does reading in bed make you sleepy?
Not sleeping makes me sleepy, so if I'm reading in bed after my bedtime, I do get sleepy. But the reading itself doesn't, really.

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