Saturday, January 07, 2006

To Do

~Deliver pointed Sarum preface for Boar's Head
~Figure out cantors for Boar's Head
~Find Charles Palmerston Anderson, His Propers
~Ponder the replacement of watch batteries
~Return library books/cds
~Put away more of the books that came back with me at Christmas
~Read for NT and ethics
~Start pondering first research probe
~See Narnia.
~Acquire food
~Actually eat, preferably more than once today.
~Change sheets and towels
~Go to Vogue and get trimmings for Boar's Head dress (unless I do that tomorrow... thinking tomorrow sounds good right now)
~Read about postmodernism
~Go to Borders; decide whether to exchange one or two Christmas gifts.
~A nap would be nice...

Guess I'd better stop blogging and get going....

1 comment:

G. Brooke said...

~Find Charles Palmerston Anderson, His Propers

Okay, I've been guffawing at this one since I read it yesterday. Reminds me of a classmate who always feared, he said, to find, "Charles Palmerston Anderson, HIS HEAD!"