Monday, January 02, 2006

Hi, folks!

We're back! We told you we would be!

(Points for correctly identifying the movie from which that dialogue comes.)

I'm back on campus and therefore online. I'm also wearing a brand-new Ohio State t-shirt - in triumph, as the Buckeyes tromped the Fighting Irish 34-20 this afternoon.

I've got a revolving door of roommates, this week - Barb is still in the process of moving out, Hannah Scheid is staying across the hall on her winter break from college, Jennifer and Shana will be using the rooms across the hall for GOEs this week during the day, and while they're testing over there, Andrew will be day camping over on this side of the hall so that Hope can write her exams in peace at their apartment. This despite technically being the only resident in this part of Seabury - oh, and speaking of isolated Seabury residents, Jim is likely to be stopping through more often, now that we're both roommate-less. ;) Seriously, I think it will be good to have friends around more again for a while.

This week should ease into classes a little (though there's always the chance that I'll rue jinxing myself with that statement). One class is canceled this week, though there's work to be done for it; another won't start until the end of the month. My mornings and late afternoons show every indication of filling quickly for the quarter, but for this week they're still remarkably open. (Don't get any ideas, folks - I've already got a variety of things in mind to do that filling. It's just a matter of pushing them around properly, like one of those little plastic puzzles where you only have one open space to work with.) I hope to get well situated (i.e., not behind) with schoolwork, hit the ground running with liturgical responsibilities (which seem to be more numerous this quarter than usual - glad I'm not preaching in chapel yet), and hold on to enough of the calm from last quarter and break that this quarter's pace doesn't shock my system. That's enough of a load for any week to bear, really.

To close this lengthy post (hey, I've been off a week), I'd like to congratulate my professors for this term. I went to the bookstore today and bought a grand total of six books. Admittedly, I don't yet know what I'll have to buy for my Greek class, but I have a remarkable number of return customers this quarter - New Testament II, Ethics II, and Preaching B all repeat at least one major text from their predecessors, and Preaching has no new ones at all. An impressive feat! Your students thank you.

[Later: Note to self - don't forget you also have to finish your candidacy questions by Friday.]


Rory said...

Muppet Christmas Carol!!!

Rizzo and Gonzo forever!!

Beth said...


I miss my Rory. You and Ryan should visit.