Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Quarter Gender Balance Award

Admittedly, my spring semester class hasn't started, and that's technically on my winter quarter schedule. But for Seabury classes, here's this term's gender breakdown of assigned authors:

Ethics II: Two books from last term - both edited by men, authored by both men and women (though not as well balanced as I'd like). Three new books - one by a woman, two by men. Rating: Acceptable, if unimpressive.

New Testament II: One book from NT I - by a man. Three new books - one by a woman, two by men. Rating: Again, acceptable.

Research Methods: Three books - one by a woman, two by men. Rating: Also acceptable.

Preaching B: Three books from last term - one by a man, one by a woman, one by a man and a woman. (Incidentally, that's also one by a black man, one by a white woman, and one by a Latin American man and woman.)

Clearly, Preaching B wins hands down. Again. But since there are no new books, we'll also give each of the other classes an honorable mention - happily, there are no unacceptable classes this term.


Tripp (feeding the fire?) said...

But are you preaching about stuff that guys have written?

Hey, do you still have my sweatshirt?

Beth said...

Yes, in fact, in both NT and Preaching, we have lots of primary texts I didn't mention, primarily or entirely by men.

And yes, I have your sweatshirt. I actually haven't seen you since I borrowed it, I don't think. Let's fix that.