Wednesday, May 11, 2005

All signs point to...

Let's see:
~typing on a pc that gives me annoying system-error pop-ups every ten minutes
~things in my room being packed up and moved around for no apparent reason
~random objects appearing in my room, also for no apparent reason
~things on my bed that are nearly-but-not-quite what they were supposed to be
~can't post things I typed earlier in the day because I can't access the internet on my own computer
~internet access is through aol

Yep! Must be back in my parents' house. As is becoming usual for my first night back, nothing's quite the way I think it should be, including my being here at all, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The only hitch is that this time I can't do nothing while I wait - I have two papers to finish in the next two days. But that might be for the best...

Also, the Archer posted a very interesting article over on his blog earlier today, to which I want desperately to respond, but the big long post I typed out while sitting at the airport (delayed an hour and a half - yes, Davies, I checked ahead of time; they were on time until I actually got there) is on my own personal computer, which is way too cool and up-to-date to function alongside any of the technology in this house. So I'll try to coax it into a post tomorrow, if I happen upon free wireless in walking distance of here (or if I want to procrastinate badly enough to retype it).

Regardless of how it all pans out, Sunday night I'll be back in my own digs...

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