Sunday, May 08, 2005

thesis? thesis? what thesis?

I've developed an annoying habit of hitting apple-s while blogging when I'm in paper mode. Apple-s saves in AppleWorks, it saves in Word, it saves in Stickies - but I do not want to save half-written posts to my hard drive. I really don't. Theology paper, yes - posts, no.

So about that theology paper... yeah. By now I really ought to have it at least half written. And in fact, I have over two pages of writing in AppleWorks. So, for a five page paper that can just as easily be printed from Word, that's gotta be over halfway - except that those two pages or so don't resemble a paper in the slightest. I've got random thoughts and brainstorms and rumblings about sin and grace and popular piety and systematic theology. But a paper? Not so much. Why, you ask? I haven't the vaguest idea what my thesis is in all these thoughts. I have a high tolerance for writing the introduction last; I have a hard time, however, organizing a paper without at least a semblance of a thesis statement. Oi.

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