Saturday, May 28, 2005

stuff, also nonsense*

So, yeah, missed a few days in there. It's been a little busy. Here's the short version:

Wednesday: class all day, fitting in a trip to the grocery store, then Greek, then to pick up Mark and hang out, while finishing my New Testament reading for Friday, because:

Thursday: class, rehearsal, choir, lunch meeting, class, class, run home and change, awards night eucharist, awards night banquet, tears, party, home

Friday: tired, class, tired, eucharist, tired, run for the bus and get to Lutheran for my pre-clinical physical, have said physical, get very very angry with them over a number of things, take bus back, finally get lunch at 4 pm, home, consider blogging a list of things that make me really really angry (like being lied to or treated like I'm incompetent), decide to eat ice cream and watch part of Sound of Music with Hope and Andrew instead, home, crash

Saturday: all-Seabury softball game, lunch w/Susie, Hope, and Andrew in lieu of softball BBQ, store with Susie, paper, scrapbooking with Susie and Annette while writing paper, dinner w/various juniors, paper in front of junior movie night, abandon movie night to work more on paper.

In other words: a busy week. Now back to my theology paper (yes, I do that a lot).

*As Ryan would say.

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