Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dairy news

I almost just asked you all, "if my cottage cheese is slightly yellowish and past the expiration date, do you think I should throw it away instead of eating it?"

Then I looked at that question and thought, "if someone else put that question on their blog, I would tell them to throw it all away immediately, without a second thought." So I no longer have any cottage cheese. Instead I'm eating vanilla yogurt, which is past the sell-by date but is still perfectly good. Dairy is hard to keep around when I only feed myself on weekends and only get to the grocery about once a month.

I've had plenty of thoughts in the last couple of days that I could have blogged about, but they're mostly not fit for public consumption. So I haven't blogged. I will say this, though - when laundry is the highlight of the day, that's not what we call a "good day."

Oh, and I'm switching my comments to blogger today. So if you've said anything truly clever on haloscan, I'm sorry - but haloscan would only have kept them a couple of months anyway. You can tell me again when I get the blogger comments up and running.

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