Sunday, May 01, 2005

Out, out, damn thought!

I'm sitting in Panera, using their free wireless, drinking their free refills of coffee, trying to work out what on earth the Bible says about employment practice and firing people. I was just beginning to make progress on this finally when three NU students sat down at the one remaining table - a small one right in front of me. In order to fit them all in, they had to block me in (I'm in the corner). This is not in itself a problem - I can wait a little while to get more coffee.

Then they took out scraps of paper and started planning out some sort of theatrical project - it sounds like a collection of short student-written scenes. (later: Nope - in fact, they're mostly dance pieces, or at least dance-centered. Even better.) Now, if there's one profession that has ever threatened to tempt me away from an ecclesiastical vocation, it's the theater - specifically, stage managing. My senior year my dance professors wanted very badly to send me off to Yale or Columbia for an MFA in stage management, and for brief moments I pondered whether I might somehow be able to do both stage management and priestly ministry. It was a definite temptation. So I find it ironic that while I'm trying to work out a difficult biblical theology paper, three theater students come and start working out rehearsal schedules, scene arrangements, stage assignments, etc., seated so that they prevent me from going anywhere without a big fuss.

I can't help overhearing... they're practically sitting at my table. And I know I'd fit so well into this conversation. How am I supposed to stay focused on the Bible and employment in the middle of such an exciting conversation about one of the things I miss most from my former life?

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