Tuesday, May 03, 2005

odds and ends

It's been a long and odd day, I've been writing a paper all night, and I'm told I'm thinking too hard, so this will be a collection of odd notions, rather than a coherent post tonight:

~First off - I've discovered that I like Luke. I've never paid much attention to this particular Gospel, except a select few pericopes; Matthew, of course, is the basis for Godspell, Mark is the short early one, and John is just John, so Luke has just been the odd one out, except around Christmas and Easter. But Luke is darn cool.

~I have submitted my FAFSA. I do not like doing financial aid forms. But I have made the first few steps, and soon I will be mostly done with that for another year.

~Not having a roommate around at one of the busiest parts of the quarter leaves me entirely too free not to clean up after myself. I'm doing reasonably on dishes, and having suitemates will keep me accountable for doing the bathroom this week, but I can't look around the room too often as I write my paper or I'll get tempted to start cleaning instead of writing.

~Finally - we have a new nut! As happens, I realized that I read Todd's blog, he's got me on his blogroll, and he's not yet in the peanut gallery. So once I post this and get back to "edit template" - he will be. Welcome, Todd!

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