Thursday, May 05, 2005

This is why I like deadlines.

So I've spent much of this week writing a biblical theology paper that's technically due tomorrow. I have now dutifully written said paper, and could turn it in tomorrow if I so chose. The hitch is that the paper is only technically due tomorrow - AKMA has offered the class a universal extension.

On the one hand, my schedule tells me that I'm supposed to take tomorrow off from writing papers, so as to be ready to plunge back in Saturday and write a systematics paper, so that I can spend next week researching my New Testament probe and going to my brother's college graduation. If I accept the offered extension in biblical theology, it shoves back my whole schedule, which is painstakingly arranged so that I am writing one and only one paper at any given time this term.

On the other hand, I can read it over and know that it would benefit from having someone else look it over and giving it another round of editing. What I don't know is whether it's worth it. One of my great failings as a student is a general inability to tell whether what I've written is any good or not until about a week after I've written it. I can't tell whether what I've got on the page now is vomitous nonsense and really ought to be rewritten again before I turn it in to someone, or whether it's maybe not the best thing I've ever written but perfectly reasonable and I should stop being such a perfectionist. I know what I'm dissatisfied with, but I'm too steeped in this paper right now to figure out what it ought to say instead.

So do I hand the paper in on time, even though an extension has been offered, knowing that it could be better than it is if I kept working on it? Or do I insist upon sticking to my schedule and being satisfied with a finished product, even if it's not the best paper in the whole wide world?

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