Monday, May 16, 2005

nuts and bolts

Back from graduation and have survived another full day of Seabury life. Some good stuff stirring, which I'll likely post about a little later. Got my initial TB shot for CPE, will have it read on Thursday, and have confirmed with past Lutheranites that I should be able to use that one only for employee health stuff. That means I should only have to make one trip out to Lutheran, for my pre-clinical physical (almost typed "intake physical" - clearly I've been on the wrong side of hospital procedures too much this year). Unfortunately, it conflicts with a meeting Michelle emailed me about today that I'd like to go to. I may try to see if I can push back the physical so I can be at some or all of the meeting.

Those who pay close attention to this blog (do you exist?) may have noticed that last week I promised commentary on an article on the Archer's blog. That commentary went awol, and I've neither the time nor the energy to rewrite it in the midst of end-of-term work and extracurriculars. Suffice it to say that I agreed with the response more than the original article, though I had some other things to say as well.
We also welcome the Archer as our newest nut.

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