Sunday, May 29, 2005


I'm supposed to be writing a theology paper. This should not be a problem. In general, I like theology papers. In theory, I also like this particular theology paper. The assigment:
Identify one event or conversation from this year at Seabury that raised/raises theological questions for you. Write 1-2 pages describing this event/conversation. Then write a 3 page essay in which you state the theological questions raised and then address them drawing on the theological resources from this course and other work you have done. You may wish to conclude with a brief discussion of the extent to which the various resources were helpful (or not) in your dealing with this question.

In theory, this is a great assignment - interesting, provocative, etc.

In practice, it feels like the assignment should read: Choose the theological topic you understand the least and explain it adequately to your theology professor.

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