Monday, May 09, 2005

Talk about a smart cookie

After having my weekend fun, I got up bright and early this morning and have already accomplished the following:

Canted at Eucharist
Turned in my MBTI/parish profile plunge stuff
Turned in my housing form (and got transferred to different housing for next year, but that's ok)
Turned in my financial aid forms
Figured out all the pending medical billing stuff (woot! go me!) and emailed my father about it
Searched the catalog for commentaries and monographs for my NT probe
Eaten lunch
Crossed Sheridan Road
Found aforementioned commentaries and monographs and a couple more besides
Crossed Sheridan Road again
Written today's entry for the probe journal

I am happy. My theology paper is still a non-entity, really, but I'm starting to see a paper emerging from the paragraphs I've thrown on the page, and I'll go back to that tonight after it's dark and I want to be inside. Right now, I'm going to take advantage of this caught-up-ness and walk into town for an errand or two and some coffee shop reading.

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